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Yo momma's so Nasty...


-Yo momma's so dirty, she has to creep up on bath water.
-Yo momma's so dirty, she tried to take a bath and the water jumped out and said "I'll wait."
-Yo momma's so dirty, she uses her dirty clothes as a weapon.
-Yo momma's so dirty, she loses weight in the shower.
-Yo momma's so dirty, she gets ring around the collar when she wears tank tops.
-Yo momma's so dirty, even Swamp Thing told the bitch to shower.
-Yo momma's so dirty, the US Government uses her bath water for chemical weapons.
-Yo momma's so stank, the only dis I want to give her is a disinfectant.
-Yo momma's so stank, even dogs won't sniff her crotch.
-Yo momma smells like the Flash's nuts after a hard day of runnin'.
-Yo momma's so stank, when -You were being delivered, the doctor was wearing the oxygen mask.
-Yo momma smells so bad her Sure deodorant is confused and her Secret told on her.
-Yo momma's so stank, she made her Right Guard call for backup.
-Yo momma's so stank, she made Right Guard go left, Speed Stick slow down, and Ban come off strike.
-Yo momma's so stank, she has to use Right Guard and Left Guard.
-Yo momma's so stank, a blind man walking by her asked "How much for the shrimp platter?"
-Yo momma's so stank, when she spreads her legs I get sea sick.
-Yo momma's so stank, she was playing in a sand box and a cat came along and buried her.
-Yo momma smells like hot ass on a cold day.
-Yo momma's so stank, every time she opens her mouth she's talking shit.
-Yo momma's so stank, that her shit is glad to escape.
-Yo momma's so stank, she's like Shaquille O'Neal, she don't fake the funk!!
-Yo momma's so stank, next to her a skunk smells sweet.
-Yo momma's so stanky, she gets sourdough yeast infections.
-Yo momma's so skanky, she stuck in a cucumber and pulled out a pickle.
-Yo momma's drawers are so funky, the roaches check in but they don't check out.
-Yo momma's so nasty, she only changes her drawers once every 10000 miles.
-Yo momma's so nasty, she went to a hair salon and told the stylist to cut her hair, then she opened up her blouse!!
-Yo momma's so nasty, she calls Janet "Miss Jackson."
-Yo momma's so nasty, she puts ice down her drawers to keep the crabs fresh.
-Yo momma's so nasty, when she did the splits, she stuck to the floor.
-Yo momma's so nasty, she has more crabs then Red Lobster.
-Yo momma's so nasty, she pours salt water in her drawers to keep the crabs alive.
-Yo momma's so nasty, she breeds crabs.
-Yo momma's so nasty, her crabs use her tampon string as a bungee cord.
-Yo momma's so nasty, she has a sign over her pussy that says "Crabs: All U Can Eat"
-Yo momma's so nasty, when I went to -Yo house said whats for dinner, -Yo momma jumped up on the table, spread her legs, and said "crabs!"
-Yo momma's so nasty, when I went to -Yo house said what's for dinner, -Yo momma put her foot up on the table and said "Corn!"
-Yo momma's so nasty, she's got more clap than an auditorium.
-Yo momma's so nasty, she has a sign by her pussy that says: "Warning: May cause irritation, drowsiness, and a rash or breakouts."
-Yo momma's so nasty, they call her Norelco... Home of the triple head.
-Yo momma's so nasty, she made Speed Stick slow down.
-Yo momma's so nasty, she made Right Guard turn left.
-Yo momma's so nasty, she went swimming and made the Dead Sea.
-Yo momma's so nasty, her tits give sour milk.
-Yo momma's so nasty, she bit the dog and gave it rabies.
-Yo momma's so nasty, when someone asked her what she was going to eat, she spread her legs and pointed down.
-Yo momma's so nasty, she bought her boyfriend kneepads for christmas.
-Yo momma's so nasty, she had sex with a woman and got pregnant.
-Yo momma's so nasty, I called her up for phone sex and she gave me an ear infection.
-Yo momma's so nasty, I talked to her over the computer and she gave me a virus.
-Yo momma's so nasty, a skunk smelled her ass and passed out.